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Casalgrande Hotel is located in the heart of Emilia Romagna very close to Reggio Emilia and Modena. It is also not far to Parma and Bologna while prestigious exhibitions centres are close by.
The hotel is nestled in a quiet and peaceful countryside, in a strategic position to reach in a few minutes through main roads, the industrial centers of Sassuolo, Casalgrande, Scandiano, Rubiera, Castellarano, Fiorano and Maranello.
It is also very suitable for groups as well as a good starting point for tours of the region, rich in ideas related to the history, culture, food and wine excellent.
A few kilometers from Casalgrande Hotel you can visit the excellence of Motor Valley: the Ferrari Museum, the MEF, Maserati and Lamborghini.

These are some ideas to enjoy the area through the historical heritage, monumental, and sports.

Castle of Canossa.
Although some are now reduced to ruins - indeed perhaps this is what makes them so charming - strongholds, castles and towers are certanly a distinctive feature of Reggio hill and upland landscape. Surviving pieces of history linked to the name of Countess Matilda have for years been at the centre of upgrading initiatives, both because they have been subjected to restoration and restructuring that have allowed them to be reopened to the pubblic and as the stage for events and historical commemorations. The most famous is certainly the Castle of Canossa, built in the second half of the 10th century on a rock in a zone of erosion furrows, overlooking the Enza valley. It is now houses of a national museum.

Room of the tricolorRoom of the Tricolor.
The "Sala del Tricolore" (Italian for "Room of the Tricolor") is an historical hall, currently the council chamber of the comune of Reggio Emilia. Designed by the architect Lodovico Bolognini, it is mostly known in connection with the creation of the Italian tricolor, from which it takes its name.

Boiardo stronghold Boiardo stronghold.
An architectural construction of great importance inspired by that of Ferrara, was adapted to a noble residence in baroque times.

Boiardo stronghold The "Pietra di Bismantova".
The Pietra di Bismàntova, at Castelnovo nè Monti, is a large calcareous plateau rising to 1047 m. , from where you may enjoy an unique point of view of the valley.

Cathedral of Modena Modena and its treasures.
Modena, city of art, has in its ancient heart of capital city of Ducky of Este, architectural jewels appreciated all over the world: the Cathedral, the Ghirlandina tower and Piazza Grande declared Heritage of Humanity by Unescu, the Ducal Palace. The Estense Library host works of art of outstanding value.
The province of Modena hosts treasures to discover: Carpi, juwel of Renaissance, Nonatola and its Benedectine Abbey, Sassuolo and its summer Palace, Vignola and its castle, the routes of fortresses and castles of Este family.

Ferrari Land of Motors.
There has always been a deep feeling between Modena province and motoring, the roots going back a long way. A land of motors where the passion for mechanical engineering has a long tradition and the legend of speed is an integrated part of its culture. Within a radius of only few kilometres there are various museums and private collections dedicated to motorvehicles

Traditional Balsamic VinegarA varied world of traditional product
Parmesan cheese, Parmesan Cheese and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia are the best-known ambassador in the world of the Emilian food valley, which extends into the province of Reggio Emilia, from the river Po to the mountains. I will not describe their unique characteristics, if you want to no more about them follow their links, but I would rather prefer to drive you throught a real visit to the respective farming business, as we do arrange tours to the rispettive farms.

In the heart of Emilia, comfort, design and tradition..

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OZONE-based sanitizing treatment !!

Due to the recent Pandemic, we have considered essential, for the safety of our guests, to clean rooms with OZONE-based sanitizing treatment; this is recognized by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH (PROTOCOL N. 24482 OF 31 JULY 1996) AS A NATURAL PROTECTION FOR THE STERILIZATION OF ENVIRONMENTS FOR THE ELIMINATION OF BACTERIA, VIRUSES, SPORES, MITES AND INSECTS.



Casalgrande Hotel is located in the heart of Emilia Romagna very close to Reggio Emilia and Modena. It is also not far to Parma and Bologna while prestigious exhibitions centres are close more >>

Although the Hotel is aimed at business customers it is part of the prestigious circuit:


Here you may find special condition for all drivers and bykers who are racing and/or testing at the Motordrome (Autodromo di Modena ).

Are you a biker or cyclist? Parking your vehicle, as precious, puts you anxiety? No problem, ask for a free private and indoor garage. Obviously, groups are WELCOME.! 

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